2 loves story

I'm a fragrance junkie. It started with my rose garden, trying to grow as many  fragrant roses so I could cut them and have them in vases throughout my home.  That worked well except for the winter time when the roses were dormant.  I tried different candles to supplement my needs but I didn't think they were as strong smelling as I would like so decided to make some myself.  Well I loved them and made more and more and more until it got, well just ridiculous really.

Around the same time my husband was using a commercial deodorant soap because he couldn't use real deodorant.  I was using it also but my skin was dry and it was missing an element - yes fragrance.  So after much investigation I started making deodorant soaps that stop the smell and add the smell in the right way.  They also moisturise which was an added bonus. 

I had made so many candles and so much soap that something had to give so I decided to share my 2 loves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.