Dimensions: 59mm wide, 25mm high
Wax Quantity (unscented): approx. 50 grams
Wick: CDN 10 (Tealight 33mm) Soy Wax
Burn Time: Approximately 12 - 15 hours.

Description: 12 - 15 hour polycarbonate tealight cups. Our new Maxi polycarbonate tealight cups are made from the highest grade heat-resistant polycarbonate plastic and are excellent for making coloured tealights. Our selection of Maxi plastic tealight cups are simply the best quality finish that you will find.

Please Note: We recommend applying your wicks with a glue gun rather than wick stickums for tealight cups as the smaller volume of the container can cause the stickum to heat up too quickly.

Maxi Tea light cups